Posted on June 17, 2022

We receive and publish the communication of Coordination Art.1-Camping CIG

Recurring rumors say that the addendum between the institutions and the JSW will be signed by the end of the month. Today it seems to live in the kingdom of the 3 monkeys: I don’t see, I don’t hear, I don’t speak. In fact, about 10 days after the deadline, no one speaks, no one communicates anything to workers and citizens. We wonder if the trade unions, the municipal administration do not have any information in hand, even if it is not definitive.

However you think about it, it is scandalous that the single assembly of workers (in other respects, a city assembly) is not convened to provide the information available and to try to count by building the necessary mobilizations. In the silence that echoes on the addendum, the legitimate suspicion arises that it is silent in order to confront, as usual, workers and citizens with a fait accompli, with the excuse that there were no alternatives. And with the blackmail that, if you oppose it, you no longer even take the cig. Perhaps Piombino deserves something better than the 3 monkeys.

The government must come to Piombino: a revival project and huge public resources are needed immediately to send Jsw, steel mills away from the state for clean quality steel. Let’s not forget that Carrai speaks of 1200 employees, that is 500 redundancies: what will become of these people? will measures be adopted for them, which voluntary incentives, etc.? It is necessary to relaunch the territory, through 398 and rail, modern sea economy, agriculture and tourism that enhance nature; strengthen and not demean the local public health, hospital, birth point, prevention services; republish the landfill and put it at the service of the SIN; extend the use of energy from the sun and wind. It is therefore necessary to reject the regasifier, an instrument of the old model centered on fuels that cause climate change, destined to import gas at a high price from the USA and beyond, which already weighs on the bill for half of the salary. Workers and citizens must take the floor on all this to decide together, before any institutional decision.

Coordination Art.1-Camping CIG

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