Posted on June 17, 2022

The story of Elena Del Pozzo is still being discussedthe 4-year-old girl killed by her mother on Monday 13 June. The Roman gynecologist Monica Calcagni took the floor.

“I don’t want to point the finger at this woman”

The gynecologist first of all said not to judge the mother Martina Patti for what she committed by saying these words in a video by Tik Tok: On social media there are messages from people who are disgusted and angry at the abomination committed by this mother who killed her daughter. I am a mother of three children and I would never dream of killing them or harming them, but I would not feel like pointing the finger at this woman: we do not know her, we do not know how she lived.. And at this point I would also point the finger at all those who have dated this woman without understanding her discomfort. To get to kill your child you have to feel really bad: we don’t know the loneliness, the depression, what went through this woman’s head. We can only feel pained and guilty for not realizing that there was a malaise. All those who accuse this woman are also those who do not accuse women who abort and kill their children. Only those were never born, so they never held them in their arms, on their lap or nursed them. But that’s not the same thing? Are those who point the finger also the ones who point the finger at women who leave their child in the hospital to have him adopted, calling them ungrateful? Isn’t it better to leave a child in the hospital because you feel unable to raise him, and give him a chance to find a family that can give him love? There are no right or wrong things, there are situations that leave us stunned, embittered and sad and situations that instead leave us indifferent. My thoughts go out to you, little Elena, and to all the children killed and slaughtered by their parents. You were truly unfortunate children. But your parents have also been unfortunate, who have not been understood and understood and have not understood what they have lost. They deserve to pay for the wrong they have done to you, but they will pay for their whole life, because they will carry that weight forever in their hearts ”.

Answers to comments on Tik Tok

The gynecologist then did a clarification on the comments that came to her about Tik Tok for what she said and also explained how she is in favor of law 194which allows the woman to resort to voluntary termination of pregnancy, which however must not be used as a contraceptiveand confirming that he does not feel like judging.

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