Posted on June 17, 2022

The Carabinieri of the Radiomobile Nucleus of the Provincial Command have a 31-year-old from Catania seriously suspected of attempted aggravated theft was arrested in the act of crime.

During the night, the military intervened in via Sacchero following the report, received via the 112 Single Emergency Number, of some people who they had noticed strange movements inside a construction site.

Arrived promptly near the marked scaffolding, set up for the renovation of the facade of an apartment building, the carabinieri found some people who directed the military towards a neighboring road where they surprised the 31-year-old who was trying to free himself from the grip of two other passers-by.

From the reconstruction of the incident, the carabinieri ascertained that shortly before a resident, having heard the noises of metal sheets, became suspicious, had taken to the street to check what was happening and had found the 31-year-old together with two accomplices who were busy to disassemble the steel platforms from the scaffolding.

Following an inspection of the site area, the military found that the plastic fence net placed at the end of the site had been cut and that ten steel platforms were already missing from the scaffolding while another ten had been dismantled in several points and ready to be removed.

The carabinieri, at the disposal of the Judicial Authority, have subjected the 31-year-old to house arrest where he still remains at the outcome of the validation.

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