Perennial flowers can be beautiful additions to any garden. They are also very durable, so you can enjoy them for years to come. Hydrangeas are easy to grow, but you need to give them the right care to get the maximum potential.

Hydrangeas are flowering plants that look amazing when they bloom. You can plant them in containers or in your yard. It is a hardy plant, but you will need to fertilize it. They come in a wide variety of colors and it is easy to see why they are the focal points in a beautiful backyard. While they are beautiful to look at, they need a little extra help to thrive

Make sure your hydrangeas get the best weed and feed fertilizer to help them grow and bloom. If your hydrangeas aren’t blooming and appear to be stunted and unhealthy, then they need fertilizer. You must feed those poor hydrangeas, don’t let them suffer.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there about how to care for and fertilize these beautiful plants. Different soil, fertilizer, and water sources will all affect your plant’s performance and appearance. Let’s take a look at the reviews of these separate products.

Top 6 Best Fertilizer for Hydrangeas:

Scotts Super Bloom Scotts Super Bloom Scotts Super Bloom Water Soluble Plant Food, 2 lb – NPK 12-55-6 – Fertilizer for Outdoor Flowers, Fruiting Plants, Containers and Bed Areas – Feeds Plants Instantly
  • Rating:4.5 out of 5.0
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Burpee Organic Bone Burpee Organic Bone Burpee Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer, 3 lb (1 Pack)
  • Rating:4.2 out of 5
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Bailey’s Color Me Blue Bailey’s Color Me Blue Bonide (BND56428) – Bailey’s Color Me Blue Hydrangeas Pellets, Soil Acidifier that Turns Hydrangeas Blue (2.75 lb.)
  • Rating:4.4 out of 5
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Jacks Classic Hydrangea Fertilizer Jacks Classic Hydrangea Fertilizer J R Peters Inc 59324 Jacks Classic No. 7-3-3 Hydrangea Fertilizer, Blue (1.5 lb)
  • Rating:4.5 out of 5
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Espoma HT18 Holly Tone Espoma HT18 Holly Tone Espoma HT18 Holly Tone, 18-Pound
  • Rating:4.8 out of 5
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ENVY Water Soluble Hydrangea ENVY Water Soluble Hydrangea ENVY Plant Foods Acid-Loving Special (21-7-7) Water Soluble Hydrangea, Azalea, & Berry Plant Food (3.0 lb)
  • Rating:4.4 out of 5
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1) Scotts Super Bloom Water Soluble Plant Food

All Scotts fertilizer products contain the same essential nutrients and all-natural ingredients to guarantee that they will provide the best possible results for your lawn.

Super Bloom is a water-soluble plant food made with 100% organic materials. They designed it for promoting spring flowering in cool-season turfgrass such as bluegrass, bentgrass, fescue, and fine fescues. SuperBloom will not cause “burning” or leaf browning in warm-season grasses when used properly. Its concentrated and super green formula gives you up to three times more blooms than other ordinary fertilizers on the market today!

Scotts Flower, Lawn, and Garden Fertilizer is a water-soluble fertilizer designed to provide balanced nutrition for many lawns and flowers. It contains slow-release nitrogen, which provides nutrients for up to 3 months.

It features a unique blend of four proven organic ingredients, including organic nitrate and ammonium phosphate, that deliver the best results in terms of plant food nutrition and bloom control. We can use the product either as directed or diluted with water to provide the desired strength at the rate needed by your plants; it also has no odor or residue when applied to the soil. 

2) Burpee Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer

Burpee Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer is a highly nutritious and rich source of calcium, phosphorus, and other trace minerals for use as an organic fertilizer. Just before planting flowers and vegetables, scatter 1 to 5 pounds around the root zone. For best results mix with aged compost or soil before using. Two pounds of bone meal will treat 100 square feet.

Halts weed growth in your garden while encouraging the growth of flowers, vegetables, and shrubs in your yard. The blend is ideal for the home gardener looking for self-contained weed control in their flower or vegetable gardens. This convenient, all-in-one product will not burn plants and contains no chemicals. The Weed & Feed solution is easy to use and can be used on lawns or flower gardens.

They derive Burpee Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer from decomposed animal bones and other organic materials that are formed into a uniform granular form to provide superior nutrition to plants in containers or raised beds. 

For hydrangeas, this product will help promote healthy plant growth by providing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium and essential trace minerals. This product is also useful for all garden plants with a soil test analysis below 5 ppt, thus making it suitable for use around vegetables, ornamentals and shrubs.

3) Bonide (BND56428)

Bailey’s Color Me Blue Hydrangeas Pellets are a carefully developed a formula that helps cheer up your summer garden. The specially selected chemicals in this fertilizer convert the chlorophyll in your plants into blue pigment. This makes your flowers glow from within and creates an attractive contrast to their new green foliage. 

It is easy to apply, without dusting or messes. Just add it directly on the soil where you want the color change to occur. Also, it is safe to use with most plants and adds a great color without harming your plants. It is completely odorless and will not harm pets or children when used as directed.

Bonide (BND56428) is an organic fertilizer that acidifies the soil by turning it blue. They sell the product in pellets, which plants soak up through their leaves and roots to create nutrients for plants. This acidifier helps preserve the pH of your soil, resulting in better hydrangea growth. 

This product turns your hydrangeas blue so they look more solid and fuller. Offer this color to the plants when they are blooming, and do this for all the blooms that you want to get full and beautiful. If you want to color them permanently, then do this through your regular monthly planting regimen. 

4) J R Peters Inc 59324 Jacks Classic No. 7-3-3 Hydrangea Fertilizer

It is best for hydrangeas, dahlias, peonies, and most perennials. – 12-3-2 NPK: Nitrogen (N) Phosphorous (P) Potassium (K) and Calcium (Ca). – This general-purpose fertilizer is ideal for use on both new and established plants. 

It provides a balance of nutrients needed by these flowers to thrive through the season. This fertilizer is safe on most plants, including those sensitive to nitrogen. It also increases the plant’s growth rate and improves overall health as it helps keep the soil moist.

For more rapid growth, apply daily. For more vigorous plants, apply every 2 to 4 days until the foliage yellows and dies back; then stop applying. For best results: sprinkle fertilizer onto the soil surface and thoroughly work into the soil with a garden rake or hoe until mixed in.

It is a highly concentrated and complete plant food that provides the extra nutrients required by hydrangeas to enhance their beauty and encourage vigorous growth in all seasons, indoors or out. The product contains five different nitrogen (N) plus three forms of phosphorous (P), including ammonium phosphate (NH4H2PO4). This makes it an excellent choice for organic gardeners who prefer not to use synthetic fertilizers on their plants.

5) Espoma HT18 Holly Tone

The fertilizer has a high amount of nitrogen for the first three weeks, with an increase in sulfur after that which is helpful for preventing problems with aphids. It also contains phosphorus and potassium – both are essential to plant growth, with potassium being necessary during the initial stages of growth. 

Contains essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and micronutrients. Also contains organic products to support the growth of the plant.

The product doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals such as weed killers or pesticides, which makes it an ideal fertilizer to use on hydrangeas. This means that you won’t have to worry about your plants being affected by pests or diseases which can be harmful to the plant. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy healthy plants that are happy and well-fed.​

6) ENVY Plant Foods Acid-Loving Special (21-7-7) Water Soluble Hydrangea, Azalea, & Berry Plant Food 

The most important thing about this product is that it contains 21-7-7 formula. It’s a water soluble fertilizer and also an acid loving plant food. There are many brands of hydrangeas fertilizers on the market, but you have to be careful with all those companies because some of them contain toxic materials which may damage your plants’ health. 

That is why we recommend using a product made by ENVY Plant Foods, as their products contain only 100% organic ingredients and are suitable for many plants.

The other features are that it is an acid loving fertilizer, so if you mix 400 grams of this product with 20 liters of water and apply it to the soil, it will protect your hydrangeas from diseases caused by harmful organisms. 

This plant food also improves root growth and protects them against fungus infections. Another great benefit is the fact that this fertilizer doesn’t contain any toxic materials like dyes or heavy metals. The cons are that it may not be suitable for many hydrangeas, but only azaleas and hybrids of both species.


Weed and Feeds kill both weeds and grass, but you don’t want to apply it to your hydrangeas. Weed and feed products typically contain a high level of salt and can cause leaf burn. It is best to use a granular fertilizer and water it in well so the salt does not burn the leaves. This will also give the nutrients time to be absorbed into the soil and foliage.

For weed and feed fertilizer for hydrangeas, there are a lot of options available. While there are several factors that go into fertilizer selection, the first thing that you should look for is if there is a balance in the fertilizer or not. 

A balanced fertilizer will include the three major nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. A lot of weed and feed fertilizers have no balance, so read the ingredients list.

The main nutrients that hydrangeas need come from the soil and the water, and the weed and feed only provide three of the nutrients that your hydrangeas need: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. If you’re using a high quality granular fertilizer that is made for flowering plants, then you should get enough nutrients to sustain your hydrangeas through the growing season.

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